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328 Pages
Publication date: September 2022
Imprint: Benevento
Wolfgang Herles

Solid as a Rock

Braunfels–Hildebrand: The Story of a German Family of Artists

200 Years of Style and Indomitability

The Braunfels-Hildebrand family reflects two hundred years of European cultural history. Wolfgang Herles tells it in an adept way, with a fine eye for the different art métiers and epochs.

Across five generations, the Braunfels-Hildebrand family has produced important artists who have set new standards in music, art, architecture, and literature. What unites the individual artists is a high regard for the classical ideals of beauty and, like a rock in the surf, an unbending resistance to the spirit of the age. Wolfgang Herles portrays the dazzling figures and their multifaceted work and in doing so tells a fascinating family story comparable to that of the Brentanos, Mendelssohns or Weizsäckers.


Wolfgang Herles

Wolfgang Herles, born in 1950, is one of the most prominent journalists as well as the author of successful non-fiction works and novels. He has directed and hosted political magazines and talk shows, such as »Aspekte« and most recently »Das blaue Sofa«, for more than 40 years, first at the BR, then at the ZDF. Wolfgang Herles lives in Munich and Berlin.