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400 Pages
Publication date: April 2023
Imprint: Benevento
Jochen Frech


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  • German audiobook: Saga Egmont
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A forgery with disastrous consequences

The candidate for the chancellorship promises a bright future and victory in the elections—until inconsistencies emerge in the politician’s story. Meanwhile, several people die under mysterious circumstances. Did they know too much?

A young German historian is found dead near Warsaw. His sister Carla doesn’t believe that it was a suicide, especially when two other people who were in contact with him die. As she tries to find out what her brother was working on, she stumbles upon a highly explosive piece of research that could spell doom for the chancellor candidate. But the real danger is lurking in the background. And by the time Carla realizes the dimension of the plot she has accidentally discovered, she herself is in mortal danger.


Jochen Frech

Jochen Frech, born in 1967, belonged to a special task force (SEK) of the German police and worked with anti-terror specialists from the British Special Air Service and the Israeli secret service Mossad. Whenever his time permits, he writes crime novels and thrillers, enrichened by his many years of experience.