Ikarus invites the world’s best chefs

Erscheinungstermin: 20.07.2023

Delicious recipes shared by the world’s best chefs

Month after month, Hangar-7’s executive chef Martin Klein and his team invite a great cook to join them in the kitchen of the Ikarus restaurant. Each of those famous chefs arrives with delicious recipes and all those little special ways of doing things that make their food so spectacular.

This cookbook presents the gourmet menus that were created at Hangar 7 between June 2022 and May 2023. Discover how to prepare high cuisine at home and get to know the personalities behind some of the best fine dining restaurants in the world!

  • A cookbook full of seducing pictures with menus and recipes developed in renowned gourmet restaurants
  • For the 9th edition the following chefs visited the Hangar 7 and have contributed their creations: Arjan Speelman, Christophe Bacquié, Peter Hagen-Wiest and many more
  • Cook like a pro: Create your own gourmet menu at home
  • More than just recipes: Background, philosophy and influences of the world’s best chefs
  • Creative collaboration in the kitchen: the Ikarus team and its guests

Inspiring stories and recipes for exceptional fine dining at home

From Michelin Star restaurants to your own dining table: The recipes presented in this cookbook were developed by masters of their craft. Volume 9 of the book series again contains examples of international high cuisine to try at home. Furthermore, you learn interesting and sometimes surprising details about these exceptional chefs.

Learn how to create gourmet food at home from the best of the best! The Ikarus team and their guests share their secrets about delicious high cuisine in this book for ambitious home chefs.


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Martin Klein

Die besten Köche der Welt wechseln sich Monat für Monat ab, um am Salzburger Flughafen für die Gäste des Restaurant Ikarus ihre Menüs zu zaubern.
Dort arbeitet Executive Chef Martin Klein mit einem perfekt eingespielten Team und den erlesensten Zutaten, um die Menüs der Gastköche perfekt nachzukochen.

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